We all need a little help sometimes so we have put together this collection of advice, tips and information to help you run your Airbnb.

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Effective marketing photos are inspirational. If potential guests perusing the internet get inspired by a photo, they will more than likely click through to the rest of your listing or your website. Many people consider themselves photographers because they own a good camera or a smartphone and they can apply filters to make their photos ‘look good’. There is however an art to taking great photographs that can really sell the experience of being there.

Quality Photography is an Investment

A skilled photographer knows how to use composition, angles, colour and lighting to make their photos more appealing. Investing in good photography is one of the key elements to having a successful online presence. Your investment in photography will also go a long way, as these images can be used on other listing sites like Tripadvisor or your Google Business Listing.   You can make full use of them on social media, use them in email newsletters and for promotions and brochures.

Research has also shown that besides testimonials and reviews, photographs are your most important conversion tools online!

Calculating the Value of Professional Photography

Airbnb advises that listings with professional photos tend to earn 40% more, get booked 24% more often, and can charge a 26% higher nightly price. These numbers are based on a 2016 study of more than 100,000 listings with and without professional photography. 

My Amateur Photograph (that I was really pleased with):

Professional Photograph of the same room:

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