No Crowds, No Rush, No Stress

The Cassowary Coast is a unique part Tropical North Queensland It is a region that is for explorers, it has to be discovered. We have a myriad of coconut lined beaches, vibrant reefs, tropical islands, ancient birds and freshwater swimming in refreshing mountain streams surrounded by pristine rainforest. What more could you want on a Tropical escape?


The Cassowary Coast lies about halfway between Cairns and Townsville in Tropical North Queensland. Most people drive straight past us and that is the real beauty of this undiscovered area. Cairns and Townsville are now large cities with highrise and expensive tourist attractions. Many people tell us that our area reminds them of Cairns 40 years ago! So if you prefer old-fashioned North Queensland hospitality this is the place for you.


Barefoot millionaires abound up here and we have more than our fair share of local characters.   We’ve probably got more 3 star, than 5 star options, but the awe-inspiring landscapes outside are rated best in the world; “...of outstanding value to humanity”( UNESCO).   The absolute best thing about our area as the majority of attractions are free, that's right, no charge, zilch!   Sure we do have the likes of Paronella Park, reef trips and fishing charters but even these are a fraction of the cost they would be in the big resort towns to our north.