The first thing you notice about beautiful Kurrimine Beach is all the old tractors – every home seems to have one. They are needed to launch boats from the tidal boat ramp at the northern end of the beach.

The quiet, long beach alongside King Reef is the main attraction and it’s here you can see manta rays trawling the beach shallows and turtles coming in to nest. There is a stinger net, children’s playground and picnic barbecue facilities at Taifalos Park. Absolute beachfront camping is available or choose from a resort, award-winning caravan parks, motel and holiday rentals. In the area, there is a winery, beachfront hotel, cafes, a fish and chip shop, post office and a service station with limited groceries.

Kurrimine is a favourite fishing spot where anglers have a choice of beach, estuary or reef fishing. Abundant species of fish and the famous painted crayfish are just waiting a couple of hundred metres offshore. There’s an all tide boat ramp close by at Maria Creek. This community has the largest fishing club in Queensland and holds a fishing competition each September that attracts more than 700 participants.

The Barnard Island Group National Park is close by and comprises seven islands Bresnahan, Hutchinson, Jessie, Kent and Lindquist (North Barnard islands) and Sisters and Stephens (South Barnard islands). Snorkel straight from the small sandy beaches over beautiful coral to see colourful fish, turtles and maybe a dugong. This area is a green zone so no fishing is allowed.

Kurrimine Beach is just half an hour from the towns of Innisfail, Tully and Mission Beach and is in a rain shadow area receiving much less rain than surrounding areas.

Featured Room Types

  • King Reef Resort - Beachside Bar & Dining
  • Kokonut Grove Cafe - Beachside takeaway, boutique and great coffee
  • Pool Deck Cafe at the Kurrimine Beach Holiday Park
  • Kurrimine Beach Motel


  • Tidal boat ramp at the  northern end of the beach
  • Creek boat ramp in Maria Creek at the Southern End of town
  • King Reef only 800m off the beach 
  • Bait, tackle and ice available from the servo


  • Petrol station with a general store and post office
  • Kokonut Grove Cafe has basic supplies and a boutique
  • Closest large supermarkets are either in Innisfail, Mission Beach or Tully
  • Bait and tackle available from the servo


  • 4 seater family bikes available for hire from Kokonut Grove Cafe or the Holiday Park
  • Huge swimming pool with giant inflatables and water park - $5 per person entry fee
  • A range of family events held at King Reef Resort - check their website for details
  • Walk to the reef on very low tides

King Reef is the largest fringing reef on the Great Barrier Reef. and is heritage listed.   King Reef features hundreds of examples of all three coral types - hard, soft and flowering.  The warm shallow waters are home to a myriad of marine life including tropical reef fish, the world-famous painted crays, manta rays, and giant clams.  The beach is a rare nesting ground for turtles and you will see many different species of turtle around this area.

On our winter low tides, King Reef is exposed and it is possible to walk out to explore this fascinating reef.

2022 Walk to the Reef Dates:

May - Not available

June - 13th. 14th & 15th

July - 12th, 13th, 14th & 15th

August - 10th, 11th & 12th

September - 8th., 9th & 10th

What You Need to Know:

  • This is a free self-walk experience - there are no guided tours
  • Always heed local advice
  • You will need to wear shoes - reef shoes work well.   Crocs and thongs do not work!
  • You will get wet!  We walk out with the outgoing tide through thigh-deep water
  • The walk to the reef is about 800m and takes 30 - 45 minutes.  This is not an easy stroll.
  • Check the time of the low tide before you depart and make sure you are walking back to the beach at low tide
  • Do not be the last person out there!
  • Be careful where you are walking - stick to the sandy areas and do not stand/walk on the coral
  • Leave only footprints and bring back any plastic you find out there!
  • Be aware of the risks, these are tropical waters and there can be dangerous creatures lurking!